Picture containing two different photos with a bracelet from my workshop on the left, and a stonepile at a Cretan beach with the sea on the background on the rightside of the picture               INSPIRATION                  Picture with two photographs, on the left a sign reading Berlin and a necklace with different colored squared stones on the right side.    A picture with two photos, a view Georgia on the top side and a necklace where the colors of the stones are inspired in the colors of the georgian valley that appears just on the top   A picture containing two photos. The orthodox cathedral of Sofia, Bulgary on the left and a necklace which stones are inspired in the church of sofia  

Faces, colours, smiles, encounters, discoveries, origins, smiles, stories, destinations, shapes, traditions, scents, smiles, music, texts, laughs, skins, smiles, museums, travels,…PEOPLE!!!

Every person inspires a different and unique response, every person is a jewel.  Jewels get attracted to each other and most of the time it is just “love at first sight”.

MATERIALS AND SHAPES            A photo showing a bunch of green stones.      A photo of a hand selecting blue lapi stones.     Photo showing tools from my workshop desk.

Our designs are the spontaneous result of contact and work with noble metals and precious and semi precious stones. Gems from all over the world pile up in our atelier and slowly take the form of a bracelet, necklace or earring.

Geometric beads disposed in asymmetric contrast give the exact singularity to unique items:

  • simple clean shapes combined with rough stones: the strength of Nature is highlighted in the ruggedness of unpolished stones.
  • precisely cut in cubes, discs, pyramids or facetted gems reveal all their brilliance and intensified colours.

Delicate or rough, tiny and fine or big and powerful, for man or woman, there is always a jewel waiting for you.

SERVICE                     Photo of Eleni with a necklace                   Photo taken in India, Veronica and Eleni sitting on the floor with stone sellers in India               Photo of Veronica working at the workshop

We are glad to share with you those moments in which you unsuccessfully try to rationalise the irrational and you end up simply falling for the piece that best suits your soul. Just like that. Or…the perfect piece is not among our ready made designs and you prefer to make your choice of beads to create your own personal jewel…and there, again, we are near you in the creative process of jewellery making!

EXHIBITIONS       EXPO PARIS 2009 052      Photo of a necklace hanging at small scale statue at our shop      EXPO INSBRK 2009 085

Τravelling is always a delight: we visit distant countries and fairs to select stones of all kinds but we are also very fond of organising exhibitions with our products in different cities bringing thus our smiles near you (Paris, Innsbruck, Copenhagen, Bilbao…and many more coming soon). Please leave your contact details if you are interested in getting an invitation.


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